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B&B Cereal was first cereal company to focus on the urban communities. outstandingly, there are no cereal products giving specific focus to the Ur ban community nor the hip-hop culture while 39% of cereal is consumed by the urban community. with the epic rise in popularity of Hip Hop as a Culture , marketing, and financial machine, there is currently no breakfast product directly designed to take advan- tage of the phenomenon. B&B Cereal believes that the combining a healthy an affordabile cereal combined with the charitable and educational foundation has explosive potential and a true base of support from all areas of entertainment and community. All Of Our Cereals Ingredients Are FDA Approved 


Manufacturers such as Kellogg's: $22.1 billion, General Mills: $32. billion, and Post: $5.5 billion. Like its competitors, B&B Cereal will accomplish sales by offering convincingly-priced, unrivaled quality nutritional cereal items with attractive packaging and expedient shipping services Americans buy 2.7 billion packages of breakfast cereal each year. According to a survey by Experian Simmons NCS data, 93% of respondents reported household use of cold cereal. Currently, 39% of cereal is consumed by the urban community. Despite these figures, the industry is yet to target this demographic with their marketing efforts or branding until Jun 26 2019 the Collaboration with Rapper Travis Scott & General Mills Reese’s Puffs SOLD OUT in 30 seconds Each box sold for $50.00 with the industry proven resilient [$60.31 billion by 2025] in the face of this economic downturn and analogous brands overlooking the consumers that purchase their product, the potential to captivate a significant share of the market has presented itself with the introduction of  ‘Hip-Hopz Cereal’  Wu-Cereal’ ‘Fifty-Cent Cereal ’ and ‘Re-Mixes Cereals.


B&B Cereal Products projects to gain a minimum of a 7% market share [$4.2 billion] conservatively within five (7) years of all three cereal brands being released to the market nationally. The Company will take a direct approach in production and marketing to a culture currently neglected in design, goods, and urban branding \  B&B Products is created and operated by individuals who have long been a part of creating the culture to which its products are based. The Company will take advantage of the fastest- growing music base and culture known as Hip-Hop, along with its symbols and icons. with an aggressive marketing and promotional campaign and an influx of inventory, B&B Products’ goal is to expand rapidly and become the leader in the marketplace.

B&B Cereal Products will initially penetrate the market through its established relation- ships with distribution channels and celebrity personalities, as well as through branding exposure and our custom fan App


My Mobile Fan Club The bridge between the celebrities and the fans "Compared to Make a Wish Foundation" We make fans dreams come true, by granting  fans access to meet, hangout, and interview their favorite celebrities Enter by scanning the QR Code on any of B&B Cereal Products 

B&B Cereal will design a vibrant website for users that is content driven and user- friendly, with a considerable amount of exclusive network features and informative product descriptions and nutritional labels. B&B Cereal under- stands the extreme toll the economic climate is taking on families, entering the market with products that are financially feasible while being educational and fun. In addition, the Company is confident in its products regarding the benefits to children's health and education.

Products Description

B&B Cereal will offer products that bring the excitement back to breakfast. children and adults will relate to the product, with the 40+ demographic growing up with the music. Below are listed the three types of cereal B&B Cereal will offer, each with guaranteed whole grain and calcium.


• B/Rocks Hip-Hop Cereal shaped like rapper on a micro phone,,break dancer hand- stand, with marshmallow Stars [like Lucky Charms] with its great taste and guaranteed whole grain and


B/Rocks CerealBar

90s Cereal Made Fresh Shredded Wheat 


Wu-Cereal inspired by the rap group wu-tag the cereal will emulate martial art fig- ures performing karate moves


• Fifty-Cent Cereal shaped like a fifty-cent coin. The breakfast is educational and fun; giving parents the opportunity to make learning about the value of money interesting and enjoyable, affordable, great tasting breakfast and healthy snack.


• Re-Mixes Cereal offers 3 to 4 different types of cereal mixed together to produce an explosive customized taste, only available to customers on the website.

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